What Can I Expect My Social Security Disability Attorney to Do to Help Me?

In many cases, the application process for social security disability is lengthy and challenging. When you are already dealing with health issues, this can make the process seem nearly impossible. An Orland Park social security disability lawyer specializes in disability cases and can assist you in navigating the entire process.

Reviewing Your Case

When you speak to your disability attorney, you can expect for them to look over your application from the beginning, even if you are already farther into the process. This professional will determine the best way to work with your case, giving you a strategy that may make it easier to win your case.

Application Completion

It is not uncommon for individuals to send in their application when it is not entirely complete. This can lead to an early denial of benefits, making the process longer and more tedious. Your Orland Park social security disability lawyer will make sure the application is complete in full before ever sending anything off for review.

Collection and Sorting of Evidence

To win a disability case, there must be medical evidence of the disability. Your attorney will ask you to sign a release of your medical records, which will give them the ability to gather all required evidence needed for the application. If your attorney finds that required medical tests are missing, they can ensure you get those evaluations done so they can be included from the beginning.

Continued Communication

After the application has been sent in, the lawyer will keep in contact with the social security office, as needed. There are numerous deadlines to keep and formalities to take care of, and an attorney will be capable of getting all of those things done right the first time.

Filing Appeals

With many applications denied the first time, your attorney can handle the needed appeal. There are several steps involved and additional deadlines to meet to do so. Your attorney can help navigate each step and keep things on track.

Representation at Hearings

Many claims aren’t won until the hearing level. This takes place in front of an administrative law judge and can be quite stressful. Your attorney will make sure you are prepared and will represent you throughout the process.

If you are interested in a free consultation with a social security disability lawyer, follow Harold W. Conick & Associates LTD. and we would be happy to help.

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