Why Social Security Attorneys and Representatives should hire a Brief Writing Service?

Social security disability law is dependent upon a volume practice. In order to be profitable and survive, representing a large number of clients is vital. These cases can be incredibly in depth and often require the review of hundreds, perhaps thousands of pages of medical records. For SSD attorneys, this represents one of the most time-consuming aspects of this practice area. This time suck can deflect from other important areas of the practice like marketing or office management. The combination of these elements can result in frustration, burn-out and ultimately a failing practice. For these reasons, it’s important to consider a brief writing service. Employing a brief writing service to assist your office in developing Social Security Disability briefs could be just what you need to ensure your practice’s future.

As you know, social security disability claims can contain pages upon pages of evidence, a large amount of which is medical records. Multiply this by an entire caseload and you can be very quickly buried by work. A written brief is submitted to the Administrative Law Judge, pointing out the most important information, evidence and case theory. This document must identify for the judge that the claim is supported by medical evidence as well as being aligned with the regulations of Social Security. In a complex case, amongst growing pages of medical records it’s no surprise that narrowing down the facts and evidence can be time consuming and challenging.  This is where a service that develops Social Security Disability briefs can help.

LM Summary Services is a SSD brief writing service that provides medical chronologies and summaries for SSD representatives and other contingency fee practices at very competitive rates. They offer experience and quality brief writing and can save your practice an immense amount of time and money. This service can provide you with the peace of mind that your client is being represented well without completely draining you of time and money. You can manage a larger caseload as well as commit more time to managing the practice and marketing.

A brief writing service represents not only a cost-effective method of helping you represent your clients, but is wildly efficient and a great professional resource. You can zealously represent your clients as well as free up time to ensure the growth and function of your practice. All of these are positive elements that can keep your practice competitive.

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