Gain a Better Understanding of the Child Support Law in Allentown, PA

Child support is a monthly payment made through the court to a custodial parent. This payment is required of non-custodial parents so their child’s needs will be taken care of. To understand how child support is calculated, it is important individuals gain a better understanding of the child support law in Allentown PA. It is imperative individuals seek help from a lawyer whether they are the custodial parent or the one who will be held responsible for paying child support so they can be sure their rights are protected along with the best interests of their child.

Like most states in the union, Pennsylvania has its own child support laws that must be abided by. In most cases, a non-custodial parent will be required to pay child support until a child reaches the age of eighteen but there are some exceptions to the law. Sometimes, a child will receive ongoing child support as long as they are attending college and living at home. A parent can also be ordered to pay long-term child support if a child is disabled.

There are guidelines that will assist a judge in making a determination but there are extenuating circumstances that can cause an amount to be increased or decreased, including:

  • Unusual needs or obligations of the non-custodial parent
  • The household income of both parents
  • Medical expenses
  • Standard of living
  • The age of the child
  • Other obligations of support
  • Assets and liabilities of both parents

Most individuals who seek the help of an attorney do so because they are attempting to get help in pursuing the non-custodial parent for the child support they owe. Deadbeat parents sometimes attempt to avoid paying child support. An attorney can help a person find the individual and hold them accountable for paying for their child’s support.

If you are in need of help in better understanding the Child Support Law in Allentown PA, it is important you contact an attorney at once. If you would like further information on hiring an attorney, click here. With legal help, it will be easier for individuals to get help with their child support needs.

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